CorInt is a powerful and versatile data analysis platform, enabling specialist intelligence and law enforcement agencies to produce valuable insights from their data collections.
CorInt can dynamically retrieve any data in the organization ecosystem, including internal repositories, sensors and external data sources. Using a unified workspace, and a set of powerful analytic tools and unique algorithms, all data can be easily navigated, processed, presented and analyzed.
corInt was designed to handle massive volumes of data. It can integrate with a variety of data sources, structured or unstructured, regardless of their technology,
format or origin.

CorInt can easily extend to support any influx of data, whether textual or multimedia files (such as image, audio, or video), emerging technologies in the data industry, or the product of in-house development efforts.

CorInt reflects the organization's data analysis methodologies and concepts. Raw data is mapped according to the organization's internal knowledge, making even complex data, simple to understand and interpret by analysts and thereby increasing the number of meaningful insights.
System implementation methodology is focused on seamless
embedding of CorInt in the served organization. Following this methodology, the platform is built to remove the need of
development, and fully replace it with configuration.



- Master data management
- Schema-less data model
- Self-creation of purpose-specific data lakes
- Hybrid data layer combining Hadoop, columnar, relational and graph database
- Data quality
- Data source integration (unlimited data source license)

- Visual querying language
- GIS querying (layers, polygon searches dimensioning
- Advanced textual search
- Heatmaps
- Timeline analysis
- Annotations and content tagging
- Map analysis (show target movement)
- ETL Tool

- Visual link analysis
- Versatile data views (charts, spreadsheets, pivots, smart  grids)
- Text analytics visualization (highlighting text based on context)
- Highly configurable and easy to personalize UI
- Configurable localization
- Simple modern navigation aids
- Predictive analysis
- Portal
- Multiplatform capabilities

Automation – fully configurable ontology-based intelligence and investigation hub nullifies labor intensive tasks, allowing the analysts to focus on decision making.

Modularity – fully modular design provides ultimate flexibility and seamless adaptability to the agency ecosystem and seamless integration to any data source.

Schema-less design - forgoes the need for conforming to external data model, and supports federated search over available remote data sources.

Open architecture - unparalleled self-sufficiency, ability to independently adapt the system data models, highly configurable visualization and integration layer, and support of autonomous development.

Unlimited scale – true big data able to cope with any volume, velocity, variety or veracity of data.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership– a product, not a service, leveraging all of the above to minimize total cost of ownership so it will fit the organization needs.